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Over 200 entertaining and informative pages, including plenty of exercises with provided solutions. You also get access to samples files (and webpages!) that will give you real hands-on practice manipulating files, interacting with the web, creating your own GUI applications, and more.

The first half of the course is a quick but thorough overview of all the basics, so you dont even need any prior experience with programming. The second half is focused on solving interesting real-world problems, including the following topics:
  • File interaction Read and modify text, CSV data, PDFs, etc.
  • Web scraping Collect data from webpages automatically and interact with web forms
  • GUI design Create simple point-and-click graphical programs that anyone can use
  • SQL tables Create and interact with internal and external databases
  • Data visualization Display and save out graphs and charts
  • Web applications Create your own Python-driven web application and put it online

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By the way, this is the ONLY course out there to cover both Python 2.7 and the new Python 3.3!

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