August 3, 2013

Yes, you are reading that right. I have finally finished added Django to the course, including an in-depth introduction with a number of projects that segue into an enterprise application. The enterprise app is meant for you to launch your own ecommerce website in the MVP (minimum viable product) fashion.

Along with this update come a number of smaller updates:

  • Updated the Twitter API example to work with the new API version
  • Fixed all errors in the FlaskTaskr section and updated conventions
  • Corrected various grammatical errors throughout the course

You will receive an email today with the new download link if you already purchased the course. Cheers!

There's a lot more to come. Next week will be the first of a series of blog posts covering Flask Best Practices as well as Django Testing Best Practices/Examples.

The site will also be redesigned so that there will be a member's backend where you can download your purchased courses. Expect a slick new design. This transition, from a basic HTML website to a full web application, will also be turned into brand new content either for blog posts or the course itself.

Expect more videos, more content, and many more BIG things from Python FR. What would you like to see? Have any questions or suggestions? Please leave your comments below.

Have a great weekend!

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